Sunday, July 15, 2018

Easing Back

It has been quite awhile since I have posted here. Despite several tries, its taken a couple years for me to get my life back on track and to find the desire to once again do the one craft I love above all others...crochet.

I have started to put a toe back into the crochet waters, so to speak and try to start posting here again. Now that I finally have a home of my own, I am ready to get started. And, for me, the best way to begin again is to do the one project that doesn't take a lot of thought but is something everyone can appreciate.....afghans!

I started a Jacobs Ladder Ripple Afghan a couple years ago when I was trying to get my mojo back but I ended up losing interest in it and putting it away. The other day, I was looking for something to occupy myself while I watched TV and I remembered the afghan. So I pulled it out and finished it! I feel very accomplished as a was what I needed to re-spark my craving for crochet.  Here's how it came out....

The pattern can be found HERE. It's an easy pattern but has just enough interest to make it special. I used the Deborah Norville Everyday yarn, which is a rather soft acrylic. Perfect pattern for a man or boy. I intend to gift this one to a gentleman friend. I think he will like it.

After I finished that ghan yesterday, I dug through my project basket and found another afghan I started a while back and, again, lost interest in. And when I looked at it, all I could think of was, "What was I thinking?" It was ugly as sin! So I felt no loss in frogging it. The yarn (Studio Samples by Nicole) is rather a busy one with a metallic thread running through it and the pattern I chose got lost in it. So I decided that a lacier pattern was what I needed. I went searching and I found The Lacy Shells of Pink Afghan.....

This is my progress so far. Again, its an easy one but with some interest so it's not boring for me. It'll make a nice ghan for the back of a sofa or chair, as it's not a big one. Since I am only using the one color, it won't take me long to finish it and it will make another nice gift for someone.

Now that I have a place of my own and lots more room, I will be slowly working my way back to my old crafting self. Looking forward to that very much. I have missed it.

Crochet, Away!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Little Mojo

I have started to get back to work on some afghans that I have had sitting around waiting for me. In addition, I wanted to try something easy to make as a little gift for someone who was kind enough to actually send me a thank you card for a dishcloth I made for one ever did that before. Many people still feel handmade =cheap. They couldn't be more wrong. And it's nice to know someone who truly appreciates my efforts. So I put this together in about a week...

The first photo was me on my toes which is why it's a little crooked. I had to fold it in half to get it in the pic so its twice that length.  The second photo is more true to the actual color and shows off the wave pattern to its best advantage. I made it from Big Twist Rainbow Classic using THIS pattern for everything but the edging. I improvised that using filet and hdc. I used a K hook. It measures about 38" x 50"....just big enough to use as a sofa or chair throw. I know the recipient will like it.

Hoping to get a couple of my other afghans done before too long. Will post about them when I do.

Crochet, Away!

Friday, June 12, 2015

A Little Luxury is a Good Thing

It took awhile....and its not as strong as it was....but I had the desire to crochet something I needed. Since it was a small project, it seemed doable in my circumstances.

I made some cotton bath puffs years ago....gave them as gifts. I made one for myself, too, but I didn't like it as much as I thought I would. It was too small, for one thing and not very soft either. I was looking online for options and someone suggested using cotton chenille yarn. That seemed like a great idea so I did a little online shopping and found Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille in a pretty periwinkle blue, which matches my good bath towels perfectly. Then I found THIS pattern and got to work. This is the result.....

As you can see its not a wimpy little puff although I did up the hook size to an H because of the thickness. Its SO soft and squishy. It took a skein and a half so I should have enough to make one more, as I bought 3 skeins. Not a cheap bath puff but I think I am worth it. I bet you are too. :) 

This is the first time I have picked up a crochet hook since Ron died. I still don't quite feel like tackling anything major right now, but this is a start.

Hope to be back again soon. In the meantime....

Crochet, Away!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

When you lose your mojo....

I have had no desire to do any hooking or knitting since Ron's death. Not saying I haven't tried....I have a blanket I started making for my DS and DIL for last Christmas I never finished. Got more yarn for it, have the hook and its in a bag next to my bed. But I just don't feel like working on it.

When Ron died, I had to move out of our home rather quickly. I had a BIG stash and it became very obvious that I couldn't take it all...nor did I even WANT it all. So I went through every cubby, every container, every bag, every skein, every hank and I did a throughout destashing. Got rid of a LOT of crap yarn (yes, I know that every yarn has a use but whatever use I might have thought I would have had for it went out the window) like eyelash yarn, old acrylic....even old WIP's I knew I would never finish. I gave 3 small trash bags and one small store bag full to my old neighbor who in turn donated it to her church who said they would put it to good use. I am not happy for the circumstances which caused me to do that but I am happy that its was time for a fresh start to prepare for the time that I was again ready to pick up my hooks and enjoy the craft that I have embraced for over 40 years.

I don't know when that day will come, but I know it will.

The good yarn I kept went mostly into temporary storage at my son's home since he had a place to keep it. It will be waiting for me there.

So what about you? Do you need to go through your yarn, too? Might be a good time to think about it. And you might rediscover some treasured skeins you forgot about, like me. And I know there are less fortunate people out there who would love your cast off skeins. And if you already have done a destash, good for you!

Crochet, Away!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


I am taking this time to post as I have not had the desire to do so till now.

On December the 21st, I lost my best friend, companion and love. It was sudden and a complete shock to all. I will not go into all that has passed in the last month but I was forced to leave the only home I had known for 10 years and am now living in a room with most of my belongings in storage. As a result, I have totally lost my desire to crochet completely. I know that it will return, but until then, you will have to forgive my absence for awhile.

Keep crocheting and hold your loved ones never know when they will be taken from you.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Little Christmas

I know its not even Halloween, but if you walk into any craft store, which is a place that most of us tend to shop in, all the Christmas stuff is out and ready for us to start creating. So what the heck?

I wanted to make some potholders for someone and I came across this one....

Christmas Rose Potholder

I called it Christmas Rose Potholder but the actual pattern is called Copycat Vintage Rose Potholder and can be found on I used Sugar N Cream yarns in Sage and Red and Bernat Handicrafter Cotton in Cream with a G hook. It's very pretty and if you don't want to use it as a potholder, you could hang it on the kitchen wall as a holiday decoration. And if you are adventurous, you could use cotton thread and make a miniature of this to hang on your tree. Its not a hard pattern but beware one part of the instructions which tells you to do 3dctog. That's misleading, as that is a decrease. What you have to do is a 3dc cluster. Also, the back of the potholder (which is plain) tends to come out larger than the front. Don't let that worry you. I still joined the 2 pieces, hand flattened the finished potholder and let it sit overnight....that allowed the yarn to relax. That was really all that was needed to get it to lay flat. You can certainly wet block it you want but I find that wet blocking cotton yarn makes it stiff. Still, that may not concern you.

I am working on other crochet projects for the holiday season...I will be back with those soon!

Crochet, Away!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Stitch N Pitch

Last night I attended the yearly Stitch N Pitch event at Citizen's Bank Park, the home of my favorite MLB team, the Philadelphia Phillies! It was warm but not oppressively so.....a great night and a chance to meet stitchers from all over the area, coming together to crochet, knit, chat and cheer on our team. I made a sign for the event...

I brought a knitting project with me to work on (so I wont discuss that here) because the afghan I am working on is too big and too warm for doing outside at a baseball game. But there were other ladies there that were crocheting and sharing their projects. Lots of fun! 

And I took a photo of our little group....

And we didn't go home empty handed...we got a Phanatic (mascot) bobblehead figure, a tote bag and a sipper cup! And our team WON!!! All in all, it was a great night!

So if you live in the states and have never heard of Stitch N Pitch and you are interested, check out their home page HERE for more information and consider attending one in your area next year. Its worth it!

Till next time....

Crochet, Away!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Starting on Christmas

Only 157 days till Christmas....don't shoot the messenger...LOL!

VERY early this morning, I completed my first gift...this toddler afghan....

Country Star Afghan

I have had this pattern for many years in its original form of the Rainbow Afghan from the cover of the Leisure Arts booklet #191....

As you can see, the original pattern was for a baby afghan using pastel colors. Nice but a bit tame. When I saw a similar afghan to mine on Pinterest, I was intrigued. And when I found out it was the same pattern updated, I was excited. I pulled out that old booklet, went yarn shopping and got started.

I used the new United yarn from Caron for all the colors except the green....that I had to use the Caron One Pound. I used the Caron One Pound in white, too. The colors are great....but the yarn? Not so much. I have vowed, after having sore fingers, that I will NEVER make this afghan with cheap acrylic again. Its not as soft as I would like. And, just as bad, I had a devil of a time weaving in the ends...the darn tapestry needle did NOT want to go into the strands. And having to use a size F hook for the corner motifs made that job even worse! So if you have a desire to try this afghan and you want to use acrylic, do yourself a favor and buy a better'll be glad you did.

You don't have to search for the booklet...the pattern itself is available for sale on Ravelry or HERE on the Leisure Arts site. Since I wanted a toddler sized afghan, I used an H hook for the body of the ghan and an F hook for the motifs. You could even use a larger hook if you want. This is a striking afghan in person and despite the sore fingers, I am glad I finished it. It is, or course, for Lillith.

Crochet, Away!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

It's a Hoot!

Which is the name of the pattern for this whimsical little basket/container....

I'ts a Hoot Owl Container

This is a free Red Heart pattern you can find HERE. I had this mauve yarn sitting around...mill ends from one of the craft stores. Instead of making a small, crocheted circle for the pupil of the eye, I bought acrylic jewels and glued them in instead. I actually made this larger than the pattern said, adding 3 more rows to the base. It uses a double strand of yarn throughout and a K hook. This will be a gift for my DD, probably for Christmas. 

Bought more yarn today for for Lillith for Christmas. And some cotton yarn for bathroom/spa sets for gifts. Gotta get started soon. 

Crochet, Away!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Lacy V Market Bag

I saw this bag on Pinterest (I seem to be finding a lot of things there). I needed a project to take with me to Boston to work on and I figured this would be perfect....

You can find the pattern HERE. It makes a nice BIG bag. I used Bernat Handicrafter Cotton in the "Nautical" colors of Ahoy and Seabreeze, Was an easy project and would make a great beach or project bag as well as market bag. Give it a try!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer...or winter, depending on where you are on this little planet. I will be back soon with more projects.

Crochet, Away!

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