Friday, August 17, 2007

The Simple Things

I have been trying to think up easy and quick little gifts for people.....especially for little N....her birthday is next month and she will be 5. With money being tight, but yarn being plentiful, I went online and found this set of patterns. I am going to make a few of these sets and give them for Christmas. It took me about 2 hours to make up this little puff. I always liked bath puffs, but I dont like the nylon kind...I have actually scratched myself using one of them. This one is made of the worsted cotton yarn and is just perfect. I think N will like it too...and so will her mom. I am going to make the rest of the set for her too, except for the facial cloth....she wont need that. Give it a try :)

Crochet Away!


Monet said...

WOW you are just going at it!! Love your things and your giving me more ideas for x-mas. :) Keep up the GREAT work!! and your doilies are amazing...I just can't say enough! *HUGZ*

Mini said...

I'm liking the bath puff. Gotta make some!

Sônia Maria said...

Olá, Sandy!
Este seu doily, ficou muito lindo!
Acredito que a presenteada deve ter amado.
Que grande coincidência, você encontrar o teste padrão que sua mãe te deu. justamente quando o coloquei em meu blog. Estamos em sintonia.
Fico sempre muito feliz em receber sua visita.
Hoje postei gráfico e passo-a-passo, da purse of crochet - Ponto Sônia Maria ( nome do ponto que criei). Ontem postei o gráfico e o passo-a-passo do cachecol. Passe por lá e veja.
Abraços com carinho, da sua amiga,
Sônia Maria

Hi, Sandy!
This its doily, was very pretty!
I believe that the presenteada one must have loved.
That great coincidence, you to find the test standard that its mother gave to you. exactly when I placed it in mine blog. We are in tunning.
I am always very happy in receiving its visit.
Postei today graphical and pass-the-I pass, of purse of crochet - Stitche Sônia Maria (name of the stitch that I created). Yesterday i put the graph and pass-the-I pass of the scarf in my blog. Pass for and sees there.
Hugs with affection, of your friend,
Sônia Maria

Sônia Maria said...

Hy my friend!
Have a nice week.
Hugs and kisses for you,
Sônia Maria

Sônia Maria said...

Hi, my beloved friend Sandy!
I love receiving yours visits and yours commentaries.
You ara a beloved.
You always comes back.
I always will be very happy.
My daughter goes of vacation for New York. I would like, if will not be to bother you, that you ordered way to me email, addresses of store of crochet in the Island.
Great hug of the friend,
Sônia Maria

Sônia Maria said...

Olá, minha querida amiga Sandy!
Amo receber suas visitas e seus comentários.
Você é uma querida.
Volte sempre. Eu sempre ficarei muito feliz.
Minha filha vai de férias para New York. Gostaria, se não for te incomodar, que você me mandasse via email , endereços de lojas de crochet na Ilha.
Um grande abraço da amiga,
Sônia Maria

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