Friday, November 20, 2009

Two Little Mittens....

.....but not for kittens. :)

I wanted to make some mittens for Christmas gifts but was having trouble finding a pattern that was more than just a tube with a hole for a thumb. I was very happy to find THIS pattern (scroll down to the last row of pattern links). However, it called for baby yarn and I was not liking the result. So I decided to use a sport (DK) weight yarn and this is how they come out.....

They are a little small for me, but that means they would fit a small woman's hand....I would just have to add a couple rows for the hand and thumb and they would be perfect. I like the pattern because there is a thumb shaping added which makes the thumb more like a thumb instead of just something sticking out the side. Hope that makes sense. :)
They are an easy pattern, but I think they are really nice. Depending on the color, they would work for any gender. Give them a try!

Ok....back to the Christmas gifts.

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