Thursday, May 29, 2014

On My Soapbox

I just need to address this situation.

I never spent much time on Etsy except to look at yarn bowls. And I never used Pinterest. Until recently, that is. I found it to be an extensive resource for free crochet patterns. But I also found it made me aware of something troubling.

I recently found a pin of a photo of a pattern that I recognized. The reason I recognized it is because I made the same garment (for Sydney when she was a couple years old). It was the same photo as in the pattern book that the pattern was originally printed in. I own the book so I went to my personal library, looked it up and confirmed it was the same pattern. Then I followed the link to an Etsy shop where the owner was selling copies of the pattern for $5 a piece! And there were 2 other patterns from the same book she was offering for sale. First I was shocked....then I was livid. I found out who published the book the pattern was printed in and I shot off an e-mail to them to alert them. Then I reported the Etsy shop for copyright infringement. In less than a day, the shop was gone.

But I was curious. So I began perusing through Etsy looking at crochet patterns. I was floored as to how many people are scanning patterns, creating PDF's of them and selling them! Even patterns I have found online for FREE are being sold! I can believe that some people may be ignorant of the law....but not all of them. A lot of them know they are doing something illegal, but they are getting away with it...and have been for YEARS. And are making decent money at it. Doesn't Etsy realize what's going on? Or are they simply turning a blind eye until someone reports a shop? I couldn't report EVERY shop doing this...would take me forever. Many of these shops try to cover themselves by selling copies of  "vintage" patterns from the 50's, 60's  and that makes a difference. They are still copyrighted....even if they are out of print. One woman  made me laugh....she retyped her copies so you can see the text better and cleaned up the photos....and she has the NERVE to put at the bottom of her listing that her copies are COPYRIGHTED because she retyped them!  WTF???

Now I know there are a lot of nice, vintage patterns out there and lots of people would like to make included. But you don't break the law just because you WANT something. It may seem like a victimless crime but its not. If you crochet...or knit...imagine how you would feel if you put work into creating a pattern and some person came along and started selling digital copies of it....stealing YOUR work. I bet you would be pretty mad. I have to say that I have literally HUNDREDS of patterns I have purchased over the 45+ years I have been crocheting. If I opened a shop and started selling copies of them, I could make a pretty good income. But I would be committing a crime...and I am not a criminal. And that's what these people are.

So I ask you all.....please....make sure when you purchase a pattern its from the designer of the pattern OR its an ORIGINAL hard copy that has to be sent through the mail or buy the book or booklet its published in. Don't give these thieves any of your money. Seek out the original pattern (I find a lot of them on E-bay) or even check vintage pattern sites online....some very old patterns from the beginning of the last century are no longer copyright protected and are available for free. And if you still can't find it, move on....there are a LOT of gorgeous patterns out will find another you can legitimately purchase.

Thanks for reading and, as always,

Crochet, Away!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Quick Cardi

Sydney is having another birthday.....number 7. I always make her something so I went a search and found this on Pinterest....

Girls Playground Cardigan 
You can find the pattern HERE. Its a cute and easy worked layered cardigan. I made the size 8. The hardest part was the set in sleeves but I think if you wanted to avoid that you could probably find a way to work the sleeves right on the cardi. I used a different yarn....leftover Caron Spa from one of the previous baby outfits. As a result I had to go up to an H hook to get the proper gauge. I also created a matching slouchy hat using the same pattern stitch. I like how it all came out and I hope she likes it.

Crochet, Away!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sweater for Lillith

I was anxious to try adjusting the One Piece Wonder sweater from my previous post for a larger child since the pattern only goes up to 6 mos. I chose a worsted weight yarn (Red Heart With Love) and an I hook and this was the result....

Hot Pink Pullover

Its a very warm sweater so it wont be for now, but I am not even sure it will fit her yet, as I don't have her measurements. I am supposed to visit my kids next month so I will be able to try it on her. If it doesn't fit, not a problem....I'll just make her another one.

The only change I would make in any future pullovers would be to start with the back rather than the front so the seam is in the back. Still, I can't complain. It didn't take much figuring to change the design. I bet with a little more figuring I could make something like this for myself.

Crochet, Away!

Monday, May 19, 2014

A Sideways Sweater

I came across this sweater on Pinterest. Its not new but I had never seen it before. Its one of the most clever patterns I have ever seen.

One Piece Wonder Sweater and Diaper Cover

You can find the pattern for the newborn size HERE. Both sweater and diaper cover are made in one piece sideways. For the sweater, you start by crocheting one side of the front, then one sleeve, then the back, then the other sleeve and finally the other side of the front. You finish by sewing the side/sleeve seams and add a few buttons.

 I used Bernat Softee Baby and a G hook...came out perfect. I made the sweater in one afternoon and the diaper cover the next day. I can see where this pattern would be very easy to adjust to just about any size needed. Give it a try...its amazingly easy! 

Be back soon!

Crochet Away!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Back to the Beach

I am really into making the baby stuff. I made THIS pattern before....for Sydney for her birthday last a larger size. I originally wanted to make this for Lillith and tried to adjust the pattern down but I adjusted it TOO much and it came out small. But it looks great on Cherish...

Peachy Pinafore

I used Bernat Softee Baby yarn that I had in my stash and a G hook. I alternated 2 different colors and just carried them along up the back rather than end off each row and have to weave in a lot of ends. I made up the hat myself and found a diaper cover pattern online which I changed a bit to match the pinafore....

I like that the pants have an elastic waistband...I don't care for drawstring pants for babies. This one is ready to sell!

I am working on a sacque made from sock yarn that is coming out terrific! And the baby snuggly is coming along, too. I should have enough things made soon to start my shop. I will be back real soon with more.

Crochet, Away!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

More For Baby

I just finished this little 2 pc set.....

It looks a bit like a baby jogging suit. I used more mill ends that I bought at A.C. Moore. A nice acrylic that feels like soft cotton. A bit splitty but for the feel, it was a trade off. You can find the pattern HERE. A hat and booties are part of the pattern but I opted not to make them. I am selling this outfit, too. Its a bit big for Cherish, as its a 6 mos. size. I like that it has an elastic waist band on the pants. I much prefer that to a drawstring or ribbon. I may make it again but using a different yarn. I think it would be better with a stretchier fiber.

I am currently working on a baby sacque, a baby afghan (using the same yarn as the outfit above) and a baby snuggly using a vintage pattern. Will have these up on the blog when I finish. Till then...

Crochet, Away!!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

For the Boys...

...although there is no law that says a girl can't wear blue. But this jacket has more of a masculine look to it...
Popcorn Set
This set is from a vintage book I purchased new back in 1978. It was worked from the bottom up in one piece until the sleeve opening.

The sleeves were crocheted separately, set in and sewed in by hand. The bucket hat is my own design based on the pattern stitch of the jacket.  I had to go down 2 hook sizes from an E to a C to get the proper gauge. Although I used a fingering weight yarn it was probably a bit thicker than the baby yarn the pattern called for but it was nice yarn to work with. Just acrylic mill ends from JoAnn Fabrics, but it feels like cotton. I also made a bonnet style hat in case someone prefers that style.....

I couldn't model it on my doll because its a 6-12 mos size and it is just too big, but I think the photos show well. The name of the book I got the pattern from is Caron Baby Knits and Crochets -Book 534 in case you are curious and want to see if you can find it. I saw there was one that sold on Etsy awhile back...there may be more floating around. This set will also be listed in my soon-to-be Etsy shop.

Crochet, Away!

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