Thursday, October 3, 2013

Lillith and Her Blanket

It's been awhile since I posted but I sure haven't stopped crocheting. Here you will see a recent photo of my now 7 month old granddaughter Lillith on her playpad/blanket I made her....

The blanket was not an actual pattern but made using Diagonal Stitch, which you can find very good directions for HERE. I used a bulky acrylic yarn so it would be thick for playing on hard floors.

I am nearly finished a crocheted sweater for my little Lillith. When I finish it completely, I will post about it. Thanks for reading and...

Crochet, Away!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013


My first grandchild was born on Feb. 16th. She was 2 weeks early but I know my DIL didn't mind...she was ready...LOL! Baby Lillith was 5lbs. 8oz. ......a peanut!

Lillith Soren Sagan

I didn't know if she would be a boy or girl so I didn't make much for her. But now that I know, I can start getting serious about making some cute outfits for her. Here is the first one I just completed....

Baby Bubble Suit
Its actually a 2 piece it is without the jacket....

The pattern is found in a Leisure Arts booklet called "Tender Touch Layettes". The suit is called "Sweetheart Roses" and is on the front cover in a solid green.I used Bernat Baby Sport Ombre in the Raindrops colorway. Its a VERY easy outfit to make...only took me 2 days. It's the second time I have made this outfit. I made it for Sydney 6 years ago and always like how it looked. I think Lillith will look cute in it!

Will have more baby stuff soon!

Crochet, Away!

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