Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ravelry vs. the USOC

Ravelry recently received a letter from an intern law clerk at the USOC stating that Ravelry's use of the tern "Ravelympics" for their olympic KAL's and CAL's is probably a copyright infringement as they have sole commercial use of the word "olympic". Not only that, they feel that our yarn arts denegrade the hard work of the athletes!! BULL! And BULLYING!

You can read about the controversy HERE.

So, if you are a fan of Ravelry or are involved in the Ravelympics, send a POLITE, but firm e-mail to the USOC telling them that their objections are outrageous and misplaced. Its time that people that use yarn in their crafts be take more seriously. We are NOT a bunch of old ladies in rockers. We are talented...we are strong....and we have numbers that can influence. Let's get this injustice removed and enjoy the Olympics as we see fit!!

Crochet, Away!!

UPDATE - The USOC has officially apologized for the disparaging remarks made towards Ravelry members. The outpouring of support from Ravelers as well as other yarnies made the USOC realize their tremendous blunder. Three cheers for US!!!

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