Monday, June 21, 2010

Fireworks Afghan

Note to Self: NEVER make another afghan in Catherine's Wheel Stitch unless poking yourself with crochet hooks isn't masochistic enough. :D

Seriously, It took me what seemed forever to finish this ghan. It was SO boring that I regretted starting it after only a few rows. But stubborn woman that I am, I wanted to make it. NEVER AGAIN! The stitch is nice but one row doesn't get you very far with all the stitches you have to do for each wheel. I edged it in 3 rows of sc in the BLO and one row of crab stitch....which didnt take long at all.

If you are curious, you can do an online search for "catherine's wheel stitch" and you should find some directions. I got mine from a book but since stitches aren't copyrighted you can put them anywhere.

I am glad its finished so I can move on to other things. This project is one reason it took me so long to post....I haven't been able to finish anything else.

Crochet, Away!

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