Friday, September 2, 2011

Mystery Pattern

A member of Ravelry posted a photo of a baby afghan and wanted to know if anyone knew the stitch. No one seemed to, but one member, with far more knowledge than I of reverse engineering, was able to figure it out. She posted photos of her work, back and front so we could see the construction. Since it would be improper to give out the pattern, those of us interested had to try and reverse engineer HER sample. I was able to do so....and here is the result...
I am so in love with this pattern makes a 3 dimensional shell or scallop...I actually think it looks like crowns. Its not hard to create but does take time. I think it would make not only a lovely afghan but a beautiful shawl done in fingering weight with a larger hook.  The top photo is the front and the second photo is the reverse. The loops on the edges are for weaving a ribbon in and out of.
I wish I could share the pattern but if you are clever enough, you could probably figure it out as I did. If you need more help, check out the" Shell blanket disection" thread in the" Crochet On Ravelry" group....there are more photos there. Good luck!

Crochet, Away!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Go Green Market Tote

This was a spur of the moment project. Someone on Ravelry recommended it and when I took a look, I was impressed. So this morning I sat down and as I watched the news, I made one. Took 3 hours from start to finish....

This design incorporates a CD into the bottom for a nice stable base. You dont have to put it in, but I did and I like how it came out. You can also make a shorter handle for it. Find the instructions HERE.

I was going crazy trying to decide what I can make the ladies of the family for I know. This will make a nice little gift. Give it a try....for yourself OR for a gift. It's easy and fast!

Crochet, Away!

Friday, July 22, 2011


I dont know if any of you are familiar with the technique of "Knooking". It's knitting with a crochet hook. Different from Tunisian in that it creates true knit and purl stitches. I have experimented with it using a cabled crohook.

Recently, Leisure Arts created a Knooking kit....

I should have taken a photo of it before I used it....the kit includes 3 wooden hooks, 3 satin cables and an instruction book for both right and left handers. I found out about it on Ravelry and purchased it. It is exclusively available at Wal-Mart until Sept. when it will be more widely available. 

It's a interesting way to knit without needles and its relatively easy for a crocheter. It does take a little practice because you have to YO differently than you normally do, but its pretty much just inserting the hook in the stitch, YO and pull through. The cable substitutes for what would normally be a needle and holds the stitches while you work. And, as you can see, it does create a true knitted fabric....

The kit is rather inexpensive....$6.97 plus tax, of course. The only drawback I found is the wooden hooks....I never have liked wood that wasn't prepared in some way....polished, waxed. The stitches don't move smoothly along the shaft. I used some waxed paper and rubbed it over the hook....that did help some. Use of the hook will help more, I am sure. But a perfect kit would have metal hooks. Still, for a beginner, I can't really complain. If you have an interest in Knooking, there are also videos like THIS one that explain the technique. Although this is a video for right handers, there are also some for those of you who are left handed.

If you are like me and appreciate the look of knitting but dont really like or want to knit with needles, this may be an option. I am hoping that, in the future, there will be more patterns....and a way to work in the round. But this is a fun start....if you can get a kit, give it a try. :)

More crochet coming soon!

Crochet, Away!

Friday, June 17, 2011

In Memory of Jean Leinhauser

Most of us who have been crocheting for a long time will know the name of Jean Leinhauser. She was a pioneer in the art of crochet, an author of countless books and moderator of the Yahoo group "Crochet Partners". Jean was trained as a journalist and began her professional needlework career as a design director for the Boye Needle Company. She left Boye to found Leisure Arts publishing and later founded the American School of Needlework Publishing Co. She recently contributed the masters program for the CGOA. Throughout her life, Jean was always available to those in need of crochet help and a friend to many who never met her except through e-mails. Her "101 Stitches for Afghans" has always been my go-to book for stitch patterns. Jean passed away on June 15th of a heart attack.....a shock to all. But her spirit, her love of crochet and her tireless work to keep crochet an important part of the yarn arts industry will never be forgotten. If you are new to crochet and not familiar with Jean's work, do check out some of her books....she was a great teacher and crochet artist.

Rest in Peace, Jean.....and thank you for the legacy you have left for all crocheters!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ice Cream Cover Up

I originally wasn't going to crochet anything for the grandkids birthdays, but I found THIS pattern for a girls swimsuit cover up and it seemed like something I could do rather quickly and I was right....took 2 days. I just finished in a short time ago. This is for Sydney...she will be 4 on Sunday.

I made some changes in the pattern...added the ruffling around the skirt and sleeve edges and shaped the hood a bit differently. I used Bernat Cool Crochet (which is discontinued) instead of the #3 crochet cotton. I knew I would find a use for that yarn...its perfect for a project like this....lightweight and the mesh makes it pretty stretchy.

This pattern is made from the top down and could be easily adapted for a much larger size. I might try making one for myself.

Oh....and I want to thank all of you for your well wishes during my illness. I am feeling MUCH better now and hope to stay that way. I am losing weight and looking forward to swimming weather when the pool opens in about a month.

As always,

Crochet Away!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Medical Hiatus

Sorry I haven't been around but I have been sick for the past 4 weeks. Just got out of the hospital on Wednesday and I am still not totally well. I was a mystery one could figure out what was wrong with me. They did find out I have diabetes, which I am taking care of. But for the other, I am still not 100%. I haven't felt like crocheting...can't concentrate on it at the moment. But I hope to be better soon and back to my favorite past time. So bear with me while RL gets in the way and I will be back ASAP! Till then....

Crochet, Away!

Monday, April 4, 2011

My Other Passion

I know this is a crochet blog, but I also enjoy making jewelry for myself and as gifts. I put aside my hooks for a day and went into my extensive bead stash and made a few things...

This I call the Sea Spray Pendant and Bracelet. And this....

..... I dont have a name for. If you have a suggestion, post one. :)

I have as much fun making jewelry as I do crocheting but it takes up a lot more room to do between my bead board, my tools and all the beads and findings I have to keep handy. Its great to be able to wear something you made, whether its from yarn or beads.

Ok....back to crochet. :)

Crochet, Away!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Soft and Comfy Slippers

I whipped these up in a few hours last night and this morning. This is one of those patterns I have been trying to fit in between other things. I bought the yarn (Vanna's Choice) earlier in the week and last night finally sat down and started them. Got one and a half done and finished up a short time ago. They are a great slipper and Vanna's is a perfect yarn for them....nice and stretchy with great memory. You use different sized hooks to get different sizes of the slipper....I used a G hook for mine. They fit great and I know they will wash just as well. Find the pattern will have to register with Free in order to download the pattern but I have been registered there for years and its a great site!

Crochet, Away!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

New View!

Just an FYI.

I just discovered that you can now view my blog in another way. If you click on THIS link, you will be taken to a mosaic view. Click on any window and you will be taken to the post relating to that link. And if you look up in the right hand corner of the mosaic screen, you will see a drop down menu that you can use to view my blog in even more ways. I think its pretty cool. Give it a try!

More crochet coming soon!

Crochet, Away!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Beaded Cobweb Lace Scarf

This scarf has been in my WIP pile for quite some time. I pulled it out about a week ago determined to finish it...I only had 3 rows to go. Well, I saw it sitting on my office chair and decided it was time to get it done.


This is the Beaded Cobweb Lace Scarf...a really nice pattern. The Aunt Lydia's Bamboo Thread is perfect for this project.....terrific drape. And the beads add just a little sparkle. I dont know how it happened but I started this scarf on March 28th 2010 and I finished it today, March 28th 2011. I swear I had NO idea that its a year to the very day! I originally was going to give it as a gift, but I fell in love with it and I decided to be a little selfish and keep it for myself. I cant wait to wear it!

This is a slow project but good for a take along. The beading takes time because you have to switch hooks to add a bead, then switch back to continue with the pattern. Still, its worth the effort. Give it a try!

Crochet, Away!

Friday, March 4, 2011

My New Yarn Bowl

I have always wanted one of these pretty bowls, but the prices were a bit too high for me. They are certainly worth the price and I don't blame a crafter charging what they do....I just have to be a bit more practical. But I came across this little bowl on Etsy and I couldn't resist. It was about $10 less than most of the other bowls...and its cute besides.

I found a couple more styles I favorited and will save my pennies for. They do serve a practical purpose and do it beautifully. But I also have a plastic jar, that I melted a hole in the lid with a candle, which I use for the same purpose. 

I will have to hide this from my boyfriend... or.he will use it as an ice cream bowl. :D

Crochet, Away!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Give a Little Love

A request went up on Ravelry for some small comfort gifts to be given to ladies who are undergoing chemotherapy at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia. I couldn't say no. I made some small jewelry items and a couple soap savers.....this is one of them....

This pattern is called the Talula Turtle Soap Cover by Maggie Weldon. Unfortunately I cant give a link to the pattern. For some strange reason, the day after I printed out the pattern and linked to it on Ravelry (which was only yesterday), it mysteriously disappeared. Perhaps the designer will share it again one day. If so, I will amend this post and provide the link. It's made from #10 crochet cotton and a #6 (1.75 mm) hook. The beads on the ties were my own idea. When I was younger, this would have been a much easier pattern but my eyes and hands aren't what they used to be. Still, it was fun to make and I like the way he came out.

If you are interested in making a small gift or gifts for some courageous ladies, check out the Annie's Gifts for Chemo group on Ravelry. 

Crochet, Away!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Doral Wristlets

Here is another pattern I randomly came across and fell in love with. Made with Caron Spa, they are pretty and comfortable. You can find the pattern HERE. If you haven't checked out the Naturally Caron site, you might want to do that.....they have some very nice free patterns.

I added a couple pattern notes on my projects page on Ravelry. Give these a try...they are very cute and perfect for spring!

Crochet, Away!

Monday, February 21, 2011

An Inspirational Moment

I started this project last year and recently brought it out of my WIP basket to work on again. It was originally an afghan pattern but that changed. I finished 5 of the motifs and held it up to look at it. And it hit me....wouldn't this make a lovely shawl? So I wrapped around me and I LOVED how it looked. So that was it....good bye afghan....hello shawl.

The pattern is from the Leisure Arts booklet "Absolutely Gorgeous Pineapple Afghans". The first motif was a learning curve for me but after the first, I pretty much had the technique down. If you are adventurous, check out the pattern and try this....I think you will like it. :)

Crochet, Away!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Carefree Cardigan

I got happily lured into a CAL on Ravelry for the Carefree Cardigan from The Crochet Closet by Lisa Gentry. I have had the book for while now but never seemed to get motivated enough to try anything from it....the CAL was a great incentive. If you belong to Ravelry, you can check out my projects page where I have the project photos broken down into completed sections of the garment.

Ron took the photo for me, so thanks to him for that. This is the first really wearable sweater I have ever made...working from the top down is SO much seams and you can make it any length you want. I made mine with 3/4 length sleeves because I dont like long sleeve sweaters. I used Caron Country in Renaissance Rose. Check out the pattern and give it a try. I find it runs big so if you make it, use the yoke as a guide for size....if it seems too wide, use a smaller hook. I did a gauge swatch, thought it was right, but the stitch pattern made the yarn VERY stretchy.  :)

Crochet, Away!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Circle in a Square Pillow

I found THIS pattern in my Ravelry travels and thought it would make a nice gift for my DIL...she seems to like colorful things.

Its easy to make...the motifs dont take long to crochet. I used mattress stitch to join them and added a zipper so the cover can be easily washed. This would make a pretty afghan and I only used the leftover Vanna's yarn  from  the Rainbow Ripple Blankets I made.

I keep telling myself to start making things for myself or to sell.....but I get such pleasure out of crocheting for others. Still, MUST.STOP....LOL! (At least for a little while)

I started another Crochet Corner column for Ravelry. Not sure when it will be published but you can keep a lookout for it.

Crochet, Away!

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