Monday, April 7, 2008

I Am Still Here!

I know its been awhile since I posted. Reason being I havent finished any projects since the hoodie. I have been busy with family issues, but things are settling down. I am working on a few things and hope to be done them soon.....especially the sundress hat and diaper cover for Sydney......her first birthday is in May. Hard to believe its been almost a year. Anyway, I hope to have something new to post soon. Hang in there.....and keep on hookin'!

Crochet, Away!


Nélia said...

Olá Sandy!
Então bons trabalhos e boa semana!
Vou esperar para ver as novidades.

Cat said...

Oh you have a very nice blog. I love it !

Mini said...

Sometimes we just have to put the hooks up for a while until the wave hits us again. I'll be hanging!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Sandy!
I’m glad you wrote!
Yes, I’ve been busy (more that I should have, actually hehe). Tomorrow my niece will born (this might be wrong, but I don’t know how to say it differently) and I have been crocheting sweaters and bootie for her. I also began my son’s sweater (the one you made, from Coats & Clark), but – as you said – it’s so huge that I put it down I begin something faster :-D
I’m sorry for your mom. It’s have to be a hard thing to do. Hope your mother feel good about the place soon.
I’ll wait for your new projects (I’m trying – finally – to do a sock!).
Have a great week!

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