Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mystery Shawl

Yeah....I said I was going to work on the bag. Well, one of the ladies on Ravelry wanted to have a Mystery Laceweight Shawl CAL, so having never made a laceweight shawl before, I couldnt resist. If you have a hankering to CAL, go over to Tracey's blog....the directions are there. You can see here how mine is so far. I am using Patons Lacette and a size "I" hook. The lacette was a bargain....found it at JoAnn's reduced from $6.49 a skein to $2.97. I bought 8 skeins, and should only need 3 for the shawl. I will post more photos as the shawl progresses. I think its a gorgeous pattern and I have never done anything this elaborate before.
Crochet, Away!


Sônia Maria said...

Olá, minha querida amiga Sandy!
Que bom receber sua visita!
Muito Obrigada, pelas palavras carinhosas!
Seu xale está ficando maravilhoso!
Volte sempre!
A casa é sua também.
Tenha uma linda semana!
Abraços com carinho da amiga,
Sônia Maria

Hello, my dear friend Sandy!
Good to get you!
Thank you for the sweet words!
Your xale is getting wonderful!
Come back when!
The house is yours as well.
Have a beautiful week!
Hugs love with the friend,
Sonia Maria

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy!!
I can imagine what the translator do to my text (sometimes I read translated comments in your blog and compare with the original in Portuguese – it’s hilarious! :-D).
Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to write my posts in English anymore :(
I hope I’ll get the time during vacation, in July.
I’m doing great, but there are too many tests do grade. I’m excited, though, because my mom gave us (me and my son) a week vacation to Porto Seguro, a coastal city (I don’t know if it’s right…) in Bahia state, very hot, very beautiful.
I’ll take pictures and send to you!

We get a winter season here, but it’s different: it’s hot during the day and cold (about 10ºC = 50 F [?]). So it's not a "real" winter.

The shawl is getting pretty. I’m looking forward to see the final result!
Have a wonderful week!

Penny said...

That shawl is a lovely colour!

I saw your post about blog comments on ravelry, so I came over to say hi.

Tabitha said...

I saw a comment you made on Ravelry about being excited to get blog comments so I came to check out your blog. That is really lovely yarn that you chose for your shawl. It is a nice start. I will have to check back for your progress.

Sandytoo said... guys are TOO much. THANK YOU! :) <3

naida said...

hi Sandy, the shawl is looking great so far, I really like that color. Love getting yarn on sale!

Mini said...

That's going to be one stunning shawl!

Leti said...

Cannot wait to see it finished. love your blog!

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