Saturday, September 27, 2008

I'm BACK!!!

I know its been forever...or so it seems. But family comes first. Now that my mom is settled in the nursing home and her house is sold and finances are taken care of, I can relax and get back into my blogging. And I did NOT forget about the contest. It will officially begin on October 1st. Since I have been gone 3 months, I know a lot of you have given up on me and I want to be fair so that everyone has a chance to win, I will let the contest run for the entire month of October. The prize will be what you see in the photo....3, 50g. balls of Elann Esprit cotton/elastic yarn.....perfect for a pair of crocheted socks! On October 1st, I will post what the contest is about. Its very easy and anyone who crochets can enter.

As for what I have been up to for the past several months, I did NOT stop crocheting. In fact, if you check my Flickr link, you will see several new FO's. I am not going post a lot about them here. Most were gifts for my b/f's grandkids. Right now, I am working on charity pieces....a poncho, a sweater, hair scrunchies, hats, scarves, etc., along with holiday gifts. Most of these I will post about in the near future. On my hook at the moment, is the Dusk Sweater  from the Fall edition of Interweave Crochet. Its a pretty easy, but very lovely design. I cant wait to finish it.

That's all for the moment. Now I have to go around and visit all the blogs of my friends and fellow crocheters that I have not been able to get to for so long.

Crochet, Away!


Ria said...

Good to see you back!!

Ria (tonyfan4ever on ravelry)

Beth N said...

Hi Sandy, I am still around too--good that you got your Mother settled-looking forward to pictures of the sweater-glad you are back.

naida said...

glad to see you blogging again. that yarn is yummy!

Laura said...

Thank you for the nice comment on my blog! I'm looking forward to seeing your sweater!

A magia do crochê said...

Olá amiga!!! Vim conhecer o seu blog...está lindo! Parabens...
Visite o meu
Boa semana

Kátia Missau

Lanee' said...

hey, glad to see that you're back! i've never crocheted socks before, even though i have some of that wool sock yarn stuff...
what you have here has got me tempted to enter just to try!

i made the pink purse with out a pattern, so i guess i can call it my own. thanks for the complimetns! glad to hear things are workin out.

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