Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mike Nesmith Would be Proud

You know who Mike Nesmith is...right? Well, if you don't, he was the lead guitarist of The Monkees. And if you ever saw the tv show, he used to wear a green ski cap....even in the summer. This cap reminds me SO much of his cap.....and it's a classic design. I found out that in Canada, it's called a "toque" but its all the same hat. Find the pattern HERE..... it's super easy and also easy to adjust to any size. This cap was made from the Caron One Pound worsted, but you can use any yarn with a comparable hook. I have made 3 so in rose color Simply Soft with a pom-pom on top. It's a very thick, very warm hat....perfect for winter. I am making these for charity and I think they will do the job. This cap I am crocheting a matching scarf for using the same BLO stitch. It just might become your favorite winter hat pattern. And the mitten patterns on the same page are terrific, too. Enjoy!

I am waiting for more entries in the contest. The month is half gone so come on and join in!

Crochet Away!


naida said...

great hat sandy! I really like it. I may have to make one too.
I'll be crocheting a square for your contest this weekend, hopefully ;)

Mini said...

THE MONKEES!!!! I was in LOVE with Mickey Dolenz, but you're right, there's no mistaking that knit cap! That and a Monkees CD would make a great Christmas gift for someone in our age range! Here we come...

I'll be entering your contest too!

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