Saturday, January 19, 2008

Chemo Caps

I finished making 3 Chemo Caps for one of the ladies at K&C...the daughter of a friend has cancer. I have made this cap before in different colors for one of my friends and I really like the style. And I like the added embellishment of the buttons, front and back. I actually like the pattern SO much that I made myself one. You can find the pattern HERE. Its easy, its pretty quick and you can adjust the size very easily. I know there are an infinite number of patterns for caps out there, but this one is my favorite :)

Crochet Away!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Latest Socks for Me

I just finished my second pair of socks for myself. I like them even better than the first pair and they were easier. I used the same booklet for the pattern and I also used the same Cotton Plus in Thistle. The white is Cotton Ease in Snow. I used the leftover Thistle from the first pair of socks and about 2/3 of a new skein. I used about a 1/3rd of a skein of the Snow. I still have plenty left over if I want to make another pair.

Now its on to the chemo cap I promised to make for K&C.

Crochet Away!

New Computer

Here is a pic of my new laptop. Its great! Its like having a desktop machine you can just fold up and take most anywhere. I have to admit its NOT light, but since I only move it around the house, its not a problem. I am considering crocheting a case for it since they dont make cases big enough for this monster. Thats what my b/f calls it....the MONSTER :)

It will make my posting and web page work much easier and should last quite a few years. Its about as cutting edge as you can get in a laptop for now. Wasnt cheap but it was a Christmas present. Thanks, honey! :)

Crochet Away!

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