Monday, February 9, 2009

12 to 24 Point Round Ripple Afghan

Ever since I saw this design about a year or so ago, I have been wanting to try one of these. Its not as elaborate as some I have seen, but I didnt want to drag this project out too long. I bought the yarn months ago....the Bernat Chunky was being closed out and the price was great for those 11 oz. skeins. I finally decided to give it a go about a couple weeks ago. And you see the result. I think it came out rather nicely. I used the round ripple instructions on Crochetville as a guide but the increase they use from 12 to 24 is to make small granny squares, sew these on and then continue in the ripple pattern. I am way to lazy to bother with that :D So I improvised a way to stitch diamonds into the ghan for the increases. It worked. I found out later that someone else did their increases in their ghan in a similar fashion. You can find the proceedure HERE.

I gave the ghan to my b/f.....he really liked it. I only wish the Bernat wasnt was a great yarn for this project. If I can find a similar yarn, I may make another one. My son has a round bed and can you imagine how cool this would look on a round bed? :)

Crochet, Away!


Perri said...

I'd love to be able to make this. Really lovely!

Ria said...

That looks so great!

Diane said...

Love your afghan.

Falando de Crochet says it has a virus when you click on the link.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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