Friday, May 1, 2009

Sydney's Bobble Dress

Actually, the pattern is called Coco's Bobble Dress. The pattern is VERY detailed with many photos of the WIP, so check it out. I think its a cute dress. I did use Cascade Heritage to make it which isnt really appropriate for a dress to be worn in the summer, but I figure its not a play dress and she can wear it with a short sleeve blouse or shirt indoors in the A/C. I might make another one with cotton blend sock yarn, but cotton yarns are even heavier. We'll see :)

I havent blocked it yet...thats the next project. And I bought 4 hanks of the Cascade when I didnt even need I have more than 2 hanks left. Might have to make something else with it. Any ideas? Each hank is 437 yds.
I am involved in a potholder swap on K&C....looking forward to showing off my potholder here soon!
Crochet, Away!

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Beth N said...

That is such a cute little dress--and to answer your question, I have not finished any of my afghans--my knit afghan that requires 120 small squares is up to about 30. I took a break and test knit a child's hoody, a demi cardigan for my daughter and a summer sweater for my sister's birthday. I made about 5 bookmarks, speaking of which, I am getting worried that your package hasn't come yet--hopefully it did not get lost in the mail. Both of the bookmarks you sent me were perfect!

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