Friday, September 11, 2009

Outside the Box

My latest swap involved a fancy facecloth. You have no idea how many patterns for crocheted facecloths I went through, only to think, "meh".....nothing at all interesting OR fancy. So I got to thinking.....who says you can't use an afghan square for a facecloth? Who, indeed?

So I went on a search through various squares and I found this---->

Its sure fancy. And its not TOO lacy so that it will work well for washing. Actually I had to leave off several rounds because it would have been TOO big and I put a picot edging around it that wasnt in the original pattern. But you can find the pattern for the entire square HERE.

My partner liked her new facecloth......especially the flower in the center, which was the ONLY thing about this square that I wasnt sure about. Glad I was wrong.

So make some fancy facecloths for yourself or for gifts....its that time of year, again. :)

Crochet, Away!!


Ria said...

How pretty!

Is this weird or what? On a regular basis I change yarn and needles to turn face/dish cloths into afghan squares, but never thought to go the other way!

Kathy said...

Great idea. Go for it. I'd love one! make it a prize! I'll enter!

Unique2wh0 said...

Great idea!! Turned out real nice. BTW loved your Crochet Corner *wink*

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