Thursday, January 28, 2010

My First Video!

I finally did it. I figured out how to successfully create a video with my new camcorder AND upload it to YouTube. I did the video mainly for my crochet column on Ravelry, but I was told I should link it here, I did. Its a short tutorial on how to do a single crochet foundation row. I hope you like it...I think it came out fairly well. :)

Crochet, Away!


Cher said...

I have been crocheting forever, and you have no idea how many times I have wracked my brains trying to figure this out from a book or whatever. I see your video ONCE, and I finally get it! THANK YOU!!!!!! You're a good teacher!

Gerry said...

Well, now you've done. How are you going to top this video??????
Excellent job.

Unique2wh0 said...

Well...I never...just when you think you know it all LOL~ that is a great FIRST video Sandy..Great job and I will have to give that a try! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

What a great video! It's really clear, and now I know how to do foundation stitches - thanks so much!

Jelibe said...

I didn't know how to do that, TY :D

Sandytoo said...

Thank you all very much! I am glad you liked it and that it helped those who were confused by the technique. I will make more videos as needed, now that I know how.


Sandy said...

Hi Sandy,
This is a great video and thank you so much for posting it. We beginner crocheters need all the help we can get especially from an experienced crocheter like yourself.

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

Handmade in Gibraltar said...

Hi Sandy
Ive just come over from Aussie Maria's blog, I love your crochet projects and instructions. Clever you !!
I have been crocheting since I was a little girl, it's great that this lovely craft is becoming fashionable again. I will become a follower when i get on my own computer next
Louise xxx

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