Monday, September 27, 2010

Not Another Dishcloth??

Well, yes and no. I would have to say that this is NOT just another dishcloth.

This one was made in Short Row Tunisian....which I never tried before and I am totally impressed with the technique. Its made in one piece with the first and last rows sewn together. You can find the pattern HERE. There is a video on the site but I never watched it.....the written pattern was enough for me and I had it memorized after I finished the first section. But if you are totally unfamiliar with Tunisian, I would recommend viewing it. These cloths look knitted on the right side, but they are crocheted.

I whipped up one in a couple hours.....made 2 on the 3 hour trip back and forth for my son's wedding. Give it a try if only to learn the technique. It might tempt you to learn more about Tunisian.

Crochet, Away!


Unique2wh0 said...

I might have to do that! I like the look and up to trying something new! Hope you are well Sandy :-)

Sandyhook said...

Hi, De'Anna! Yes, I am doing ok. Just a bit tired physically and emotionally after going through the stuff with mom and then my son's wedding last Saturday. Looking forward to a nice Fall and holiday season. Hope everything I going well with you, too!

naida said...

These look great!
Congrats on your sons wedding :)
I also like your new blog look.

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