Monday, November 29, 2010

Rainbow Ripple Afghan

I finally finished this afghan which I am giving to Annie for Christmas (I am currently making an identical one for Naomi). It looks a bit like a color card for Vanna's Choice yarn, but I think its perfect for anyone who likes a bit of color and it will go with just about anything. I made it adult size so unless something disastrous happens, they should have this forever. The yarn should last a good long time as long as its cared for properly, although you cant do much to acrylic. 

You can find the pattern HERE (I believe you have to register with Bernat to view it but registration is just giving an e-mail address, if I remember correctly).  The patten is easy and quickly memorizable. I used a G hook so I got a heavier, denser blanket. Each color section used 3/4 of a skein, so you can count how many skeins I had to buy. And the picture doesn't show the entire length....there is about another 24 inches behind the chair. If I sold this blanket, I would probably have to charge between 3 and 5 hundred dollars for it, so its certainly not an inexpensive project.

However, THIS..... not expensive. Its the Branching Leaves Scarf and it only took one skein of Lustersheen. Not sure who I am going to give this one to, but I plan on making another one....with beads.

Crochet, Away!

ETA - 7/28/2014 - I had to edit this post as the pattern for the Branching Leaves Scarf is no longer available. Sorry.  :(

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Quick Stitch Cowl

Here is a really quick and easy project for you or as a gift. I found it in the current issue of Crochet World magazine. It's made with Homespun, which is the bane of many crocheters (myself included) but once you get past the foundation chain, it's very easy because its made almost entirely of post stitches. The Homespun is actually perfect for this cowl....adds bulk without a lot of weight and the colors just add to the look. This one I made as a gift but the next one is for me. Perfect if you don't want "hat hair" but need a little protection from the cold. It's made to be worn either down around the neck only or pulled up onto the head. Check out the magazine....there are some nice holiday patterns in it.

Crochet, Away!

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