Friday, September 2, 2011

Mystery Pattern

A member of Ravelry posted a photo of a baby afghan and wanted to know if anyone knew the stitch. No one seemed to, but one member, with far more knowledge than I of reverse engineering, was able to figure it out. She posted photos of her work, back and front so we could see the construction. Since it would be improper to give out the pattern, those of us interested had to try and reverse engineer HER sample. I was able to do so....and here is the result...
I am so in love with this pattern makes a 3 dimensional shell or scallop...I actually think it looks like crowns. Its not hard to create but does take time. I think it would make not only a lovely afghan but a beautiful shawl done in fingering weight with a larger hook.  The top photo is the front and the second photo is the reverse. The loops on the edges are for weaving a ribbon in and out of.
I wish I could share the pattern but if you are clever enough, you could probably figure it out as I did. If you need more help, check out the" Shell blanket disection" thread in the" Crochet On Ravelry" group....there are more photos there. Good luck!

Crochet, Away!


Hazel said...

That is a very pretty and delicate looking pattern, although I couldn't figure it out.

Maybe one day with many years of experience behind me I will be able to do that.

naida said...

That is a beuatiful stitch Sandy! Very dainty looking, I like it.

Let's Go Yarning said...

Hi Sandy were I look on Raverly for that Blanket information to try?

Eva Motta said...

Hello Beautiful their jobs! congratulations!

June Van Schalkwyk said...

This is such a beautiful pattern! So much that one can do with it with a little imagination!

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