Sunday, July 8, 2007

Daisy Charity Square

I got the pattern for this about a month ago....and promptly forgot about it. I got an e-mail reminder the other day that I hadnt made my obligitory square in exchange for the pattern...OOPS! So I sat down this evening and I worked on it. Took me THREE hours to make this WONDER she wants people to make them and send them to her :) The thing that frustrated me, along with how confusing the pattern was, was there was NO gauge given. So I made up the square and it came out to 7 1/2 " instead of the required 8. I was NOT a happy camper. So I traded up a hook size and am trying one more time. If its not 8", I am going to send it along anyway. I have to admit its an ingenious design and now that I know how to do it, I will remember in case I ever decided to use it again.

Crochet Away!

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Sônia Maria said...

Hi Sandy!
I have great difficulty with your linguage. Do You have the graph? With the graph the problem of linguage if finishes. I would like to make one square of this. Hugs with affection of the friend of Brazil,
Sônia Maria

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