Friday, October 26, 2007

Fall Exchange

Today I got my package from my exchange partner and here you can see what I got. A lovely fall shawl. Aren't the colors just gorgeous? I absolutely LOVE it! And I dont have a shawl so it will certainly come in handy on chilly nights. And I got a hazelnut coffee scented candle....mmmm...smells wonderful :) And a skein of Bernat yarn....its soft and fuzzy and I will have to make something special with it. Thank you SO much, partner! As usual, I had a LOT of fun with the exchange.

I saw this quote in my e-mail from Stephanie Pearl-Mc Phee a/k/a 'The Yarn Harlot'.

" I am not wasting time knitting or wasting money buying yarn. I am creating useful and beautiful objects that will outlast me and my days. I am creating a legacy to outlive me."

This is how I feel about crocheting. I bet YOU feel the same :)

Crochet Away!


naida said...

wow, wonderful! I like that quote, its so true :)

Mini said...

The shawl is sooo pretty! Lucky you!

Lesalicious said...

Hello there Sandy seen your welcome message for one of the crochet yahoo groups wanted to drop in and say hello. Love all your work great job. Cute fall exchange things :)

River Glorious said...

Pretty pretty pretty! :)

Sônia Maria said...

Hi, Sandy!
Your shawl is wonderful!!!
I love shawl.
Sônia Maria

Graça Gomes said...

I love shawt
crochet is beautiful.


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