Saturday, November 3, 2007

My Second Favorite Dishcloth

I say these are my second favorite because my favorite is one I make that is a simple square, alternating sc and dc, but I use cotton THREAD, so it takes longer but its a great cloth. THESE, are my next favorite and they make GREAT little gifts....make up quick, too. I use a pattern that is for a regular round dishcloth and omit the first few rounds. I do 48 sc around the scrubbie and then continue with the pattern as written, with one exception......I skip only 2 dc instead of 3 in round 4, so it lays flatter. You end up with more petals, thats all. But you dont even NEED the flower could just make a dc circle and make it look like fried eggs, if you wanted :)

If you are interested in the pattern I used, with all the matching accessories, click here. I actually made the whole set as an exchange gift and it came out great.

Crochet Away!


Beth N said...

Those dishclothes are great--I might try to sneak some of those in for the shower. I have saved your candy jar topper for when I am done with the shrugs! Beautiful shawl.

Sônia Maria said...

Hi, my friend!
Those dishclothes are lovely.
Hugs and kisses.
Sônia Maria

naida said...

I like the scrubbies, very cute!

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