Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Secret Santa Swap

I had SO much fun with the Secret Santa Swap on CFL. My partner and I decided to wait till Christmas morning to open our exhanges, so here is what I got.

A wonderful Christmas book and bookmark, (cant wait to read it) some lovely yarn, (have to think of something really special to make with it) a little notebook, a star shaped Christmas photo frame, (maybe I can get someone to take a pic of Ron and I to put in it) some toggle clasps for my jewelry making and a little blown glass ornament. Thank you SO much to my partner Monet....I LOVE everything! I hope you like your gifts too.

Hope everybody had a great Christmas. Enjoy your continued holiday season!

Crochet Away!


Monet said...

I'm so glad you like everything..I LOVED mine and will post pics and stuff this weekend! :)

naida said...

hi Sandy, very nice swap items! have a happy new year :)

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