Saturday, June 30, 2007

July Challenge - Part One

I have finished half of my July Challenge for CFL. Something you find in or at the ocean. Well, here is my little Damsel Fish. Looks a bit like one I had when I had a salt water aquarium years ago. I made him up as I went along and I think I am going to use him as part of a mobile of oceanlife and give it to Sydney, since everyone calls her room the "Jimmy Buffett" nursery....the walls are painted in murals of the beach and ocean...its pretty cool.

Second part of the challenge will be up soon. Crochet Away!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Special Socks

These are the kind of socks I wish I had had when I was a little girl. When I first saw patterns for them I just HAD to try making some. I made a LOT of them about a year ago and gave them to my b/f's little granddaughters but they have grown out of them and a request was made for more. :) So I put my other projects on hold in order to make up some more for the girls. Here are some of the ones I made.

I love the look of the sparkly beads but I also love the look that buttons add to the trim...especially since you can now get buttons in so MANY shapes. These are princess socks...they have a couple tiara buttons along with just the different pink and lavender shapes.

These are seashore socks.....they have shell buttons and
sandal can even see a little shovel button in the
corner. I think the girls are going to really love these....I just
hope mom can get them to share them :)

Crochet Away!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bag Swap

I am involved in another swap on K&C....its a bag
swap. Any kind of bag so I made this one. Its a BIG one (18" in diameter) but I really like bigger bags....I carry a LOT of stuff :) Despite its size, I think it came out great! My D saw it and SHE wants one..he,he.. The only part that I had a pattern for was the front section....which I believe was supposed to be done in a much thinner yarn but I wanted something larger and this is how it came out. The back is just a large DC circle. You can find the pattern for the front HERE . But be warned....its only for the front and some of the directions may seem a bit off. But if "I" can figure it out, anyone can :)

As you can see, I lined the inside with a different fabric and I think its very pretty. I had to hand sew the entire lining since I no longer own a sewing machine...that took a whole evening since I had to sew the front and back lining together first, THEN sew it in to the bag and THEN sew in the back lining. I sure hope my partner likes it. If she doesnt use it for a purse, its large enough to carry around a crochet WIP :)
Crochet Away!

My Birthday

Today is my 53rd birthday. Its a good one. The last few years birthdays for me have been like just any other day. Its nice to have someone to share it with now :) My b/f gave me a very sweet card and is taking me to dinner later on this afternoon to The Dillworthtown Inn. My kids are busy....not surprised....but I will see them later in the week. A friend of mine got me this mug...very appropriate for someone my age :) But you are truly ONLY as old as you feel....and I feel very young :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Bit of Whimsy

I found the link to this pattern on of the ladies posted it and it looked SO cute and easy, I HAD to try it :) So here is my WIP....its called a "YoYo" Afghan. Its just DC circles surrounded by chains and SC's ....its join as you go and is GREAT for yarn scraps. I am making this one for our"Whimsy Room".....part office, part guest room. Just a little throw as an accent. Great on-the-go project. Find the pattern HERE.
Crochet Away!

Monday, June 4, 2007

The New Baby

Here is a pic of Sydney....this is the baby I crocheted a WHOLE bunch of things for that I will eventually include in my blog. She is the CUTEST thing....only about 7 lbs and SOO tiny. I hadnt held a little one THAT little in many years.

Welcome to the world, Sydney! And now I have another little girl to crochet things for :)

Crochet Away!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Exchange Bag, Part 2

Here is the finished Exchange Bag. It measures 8" square, which is what its supposed to measure, so I was right on with the gauge. I did put a pocket on the inside, too. I decided to give the bag to my b/f's DIL...she just had a baby and I figure that SHE deserved a little gift, too :)

Crochet Away!

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