Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Another Birthday

Today was my birthday....I am now 54. I dont feel any older :)

It was a nice day. My D came over and visited with me....we had fun. She brought me a balloon bouquet and some fancy beads from the party store.....she said she was broke :) I told her she didnt have to get me anything.....it was nice just being with her.

When my b/f came home, he had a lovely bouquet of flowers in a pretty mug/vase for me as well as the SWEETEST birthday card. Inside was an envelope with $200 for me to get my hair done! I blubbered like a baby. I was NOT expecting anything since he already spent $400 on new glasses for my birthday. I have the most GENEROUS b/f.....I dont know if I deserve it.

Will be back soon with the contest. Hang in there! :)

Crochet, Away!


♥CraftyMel♥ said...

Happy Birthday Sandy!!!

Share said...

You totally deserve it Sandy! Happiest Birthday Wishes! :D

Mini said...

Happy Belated Birthday Sandy! sorry I missed it :( I'm glad your b/f made it extra special for you!

naida said...

Happy belated birthday Sandy!
awww...thats very sweet of your b/f
you deserve all good things!


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