Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Have Fun Stormin' the Castle" Afghan

As I mentioned in my previous entry, here is William's Christmas present.....

As soon as I saw the pattern I immediately thought of blocks and the way the pattern colors I chose were stacked after a few rows, reminded me of a castle wall, so I named it after one of my favorite movie lines. William is into castles and knights so I though it would be perfect. The colors are similar to the ones I used in the Pinwheel Afghan, but they are not the same, nor even the same manufacturer. I think they are great for a kid and I made the afghan about 5 ft. long so he will have plenty of time to use it. You can find the pattern HERE.

Ok....on to the next Christmas gift.

Crochet, Away!


Clara said...

Very nice. William is sure to be happy with this.

Nélia said...

Olá Sandy

Muito bonito e diferente este motivo da manta. Vou espreitar o "here" a ver como se faz.
Felicidades para o seu filho e espero que em breve também esteja a fazer botinhas....:)))

naida said...

soooo nice and it looks cozy too!

Sônia Maria said...

Great job!
Sônia Maria

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