Friday, May 6, 2011

Medical Hiatus

Sorry I haven't been around but I have been sick for the past 4 weeks. Just got out of the hospital on Wednesday and I am still not totally well. I was a mystery one could figure out what was wrong with me. They did find out I have diabetes, which I am taking care of. But for the other, I am still not 100%. I haven't felt like crocheting...can't concentrate on it at the moment. But I hope to be better soon and back to my favorite past time. So bear with me while RL gets in the way and I will be back ASAP! Till then....

Crochet, Away!


GerryART said...

This is a heck of a time of year not to feel well.
I know what it is not to be able to concentrate, tain't great.
Take care of yourself we out here in blogland wishing you a speedy recovery, Sandy.

kathy b said...

So so sorry. Hospitalization is serious now a days. Good luck with your new diabetic diet. It isnt as bad as we used to think it was. Hope you feel up to needlework soon. It is so soothing. Maybe you should just pick it up anyhow......bless you!

Sônia Maria said...

I am sorry, Sandy!
Take care of yourself, my friend!
Sônia Maria

Kim D. said...

Sandy, rest up and get better soon! Love your projects, looking forward to more! Hugs, Kim

Julie said...

I'm glad you are home and I hope you are feeling much better very soon! Take care of yourself.

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