Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ice Cream Cover Up

I originally wasn't going to crochet anything for the grandkids birthdays, but I found THIS pattern for a girls swimsuit cover up and it seemed like something I could do rather quickly and I was right....took 2 days. I just finished in a short time ago. This is for Sydney...she will be 4 on Sunday.

I made some changes in the pattern...added the ruffling around the skirt and sleeve edges and shaped the hood a bit differently. I used Bernat Cool Crochet (which is discontinued) instead of the #3 crochet cotton. I knew I would find a use for that yarn...its perfect for a project like this....lightweight and the mesh makes it pretty stretchy.

This pattern is made from the top down and could be easily adapted for a much larger size. I might try making one for myself.

Oh....and I want to thank all of you for your well wishes during my illness. I am feeling MUCH better now and hope to stay that way. I am losing weight and looking forward to swimming weather when the pool opens in about a month.

As always,

Crochet Away!


FoFo said...


I love the cover-up. Very pretty colors and very cute. Need to figure out how to make one for my 9 year old. I am glad you are feeling better!

kathy b said...

What a great great cover up!!!! You did a wonderful job. SO GREAT!

naida said...

Hi Sandy, that coverup is tooo cute! Glad youre feeling better xoxo

Heavenly said...

That's really cute Sandy! You have some REALLY nice projects overall. Great job! :)

Tink's Spin said...

Cute cute , love the hoodie. Have a great week. Tink.

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