Sunday, August 12, 2007

Is This a Doily?

Technically, yes. I am doing another swap on K&C and my partner wanted a doily but NOT made from thread. I thought about regular cotton worsted but I figured it would be TOO lumpy and not lay properly. So I was searching through A.C. Moore and I found this light worsted, TLC cotton blend...half cotton, half acrylic. It looked like it would be a nice thickness, would lay nice and be easy to care for. I also found a booket with new doilies in it and since my partner said either oval or rectangular, I figured this pattern was like a cross between the 2. It measures 38"x28" and should look nice on a dining room table or a sideboard and unlike a thread doily, it only needs a slight pressing to block it...I just blocked it for the photo by smoothing it out with my hands. I started it yesterday and finished it a short time ago. Its a LOT easier doing a doily in yarn than thread but I am sure this pattern would look really sharp in thread, too. The pattern booklet is called "A Year of Doilies" from Leisure Arts (what would I DO without them?) and this is their "May" doily. I hope my partner likes it. If I have the time, I will make her another doily in another pattern.

Crochet Away!


Sônia Maria said...

Hi, my beloved Sandy friend!
Your doily is lovely!!!
I am always very happy when receiving a message its. Of the 18 to the 21 years old, I made an English course. As I did not practise, I forgot myself much thing. Today I am with 52 years of age. kkkkkkkk ... I also use Babel Fish to translate what I write for you. Use also to translate what you it wrote. Taste very! It does not translate everything, but it is very good. The important one is not the total correct words. Most important it is that we obtain in saying them. And we obtain to keep this link of friendship. Friendship without borders. We form a friendship chain. I left the Brazilian groups but I continue in 2 Americans and 1 Argentines. They were many messages per day. I do not obtain to be contributing for as many groups. Taste to answer to that they visit me and I leave a message. Taste also to repay visits. The time is little. I, eat you, also make crochet for amusement. I am very happy for the Group of friends that if formed in mine blog. I am pensioner for the Federal Box (our Federal Bank). Where I worked 20 years for more than. I was General Manager of Bank agency more than 13 years. Later that I retired. Also I was businessmen. I Had a feminine store of clothes. I arrived to go the New York you vary times the businesses. It did not give profit. At that time dolar was with lower value. Dolar and Real were with the same value. After, the inflation came back high in the Brazil. I had many prejudices. Importer who did not deliver merchandises to me. I closed the store. The Crochet and the Blog, are my amusements, my therapy. The friends who I found in net are my joy. Very Obliged for your affection, attention and friendship.
A pretty week for you.
Hugs with affection,
Sônia Maria

naida said...

hi sandy, that doily is beautiful.
your swap partner is very lucky to get it :)

Mini said...

It's a doily and nicely done too. You made yarn look good!

Lanee' said...

That's amazing!

Beth N said...

The doily is beautiful--every stitch looks perfect. I'm sure your partner will be excited to receive it!

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