Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Straight Skinny

Trying to keep up with all the online projects....its not easy! And I bet Mini figured I was ignoring the Crochet-Along. I wasnt. :) Here is my skinny scarf. I made it last night while watching the Phillies lose...WAHHH! But enough of that.....thats for my OTHER blog :)

I LOVE the Caron Simply Soft up SO nice. And I really liked this pattern too. I made this for my D, as well, but, again, I think I might make one for myself in a differnt color. This color will match the bag I am making for her. You can find the pattern for the scarf here. Just scroll about 3/4 of the way down the screen. I should warn you, though....there are a couple mistakes in the pattern. I think you will probably figure them out :)
Edited 12/08- This pattern was moved and I have updated the link. However I dont know if the mistakes were fixed.

Crochet Away!


Mini said...

Your D is very lucky to have you crochet so many pretty things for her!

The Phillies loss must have been the Padres gain (see my blog). By the by, I'm hatching another cal project, but I'm also trying to get a few projects done too, so it lays in wait (insert evil laugh here)


Sandytoo said...

Thanks,'re all heart...LOL!!

Sônia Maria said...

Hi Sandy!
One love your crochet.
Hugs your friend,
Sônia Maria

Sônia Maria said...

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