Friday, July 3, 2009

One More.... :)

I decided to show you the other piece I made for my partner. This is called the Starburst Hotpad. For a first attempt, it came out pretty well. Its a neat proceedure. You can find the pattern HERE, and you can find a video that explains how to create the starburst HERE. I didnt find the video till AFTER I was finished but I did figure it out on my own eventually.

I liked this one so much, I made another one for myself....

So now that I have the technique down, I can make more pretty easily and I dont need the pattern now. Give it a try.
Crochet, Away!


Unique2wh0 said...

Those are turning out so nice. You are like me you like making something and then your "hooked" and have a hard time stopping.
You are making me wanna give them a go again..I made 2.

Mini said...

The more I see pictures of your starburst hotpads, the more I like them - very pretty!

naida said...

GORGEOUS!!!! I have to try this pattern.

Maven said...

Very pretty!

Lada said...

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Lada said...

Can I put on my blog?

Agulha & Linha said...

Achei perfeito, lindo! Vou fazer também...amo croche.
Um super beijo e obrigada pela receitinha.

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