Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sweater for Lillith

I was anxious to try adjusting the One Piece Wonder sweater from my previous post for a larger child since the pattern only goes up to 6 mos. I chose a worsted weight yarn (Red Heart With Love) and an I hook and this was the result....

Hot Pink Pullover

Its a very warm sweater so it wont be for now, but I am not even sure it will fit her yet, as I don't have her measurements. I am supposed to visit my kids next month so I will be able to try it on her. If it doesn't fit, not a problem....I'll just make her another one.

The only change I would make in any future pullovers would be to start with the back rather than the front so the seam is in the back. Still, I can't complain. It didn't take much figuring to change the design. I bet with a little more figuring I could make something like this for myself.

Crochet, Away!


Naida said...

Very nice! It does sound like it's fairly simple to adjust the pattern.

Sandra Roarty said...

Thanks, Naida!

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