Monday, May 19, 2014

A Sideways Sweater

I came across this sweater on Pinterest. Its not new but I had never seen it before. Its one of the most clever patterns I have ever seen.

One Piece Wonder Sweater and Diaper Cover

You can find the pattern for the newborn size HERE. Both sweater and diaper cover are made in one piece sideways. For the sweater, you start by crocheting one side of the front, then one sleeve, then the back, then the other sleeve and finally the other side of the front. You finish by sewing the side/sleeve seams and add a few buttons.

 I used Bernat Softee Baby and a G hook...came out perfect. I made the sweater in one afternoon and the diaper cover the next day. I can see where this pattern would be very easy to adjust to just about any size needed. Give it a try...its amazingly easy! 

Be back soon!

Crochet Away!


Naida said...

How neat is that! Looks very simple to make.

Sandra Roarty said...

Thanks, Naida! I just updated the photos to add the Diaper Cover. That is just as easy.

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