Thursday, September 6, 2007

The "Make Me A....." Swap

I got my package today from my exchange partner...and I am THRILLED! As you can see from the photo, she made me TWO felted bags! They are just adorable...and they have matching cell phone covers. The blue will go GREAT with jeans and the cream one will be perfect for more dressy occasions. She also sent me a lamb tape measure, a lighted crochet hook, pumpkin candles, a row counter and some candy...thats gone already, LOL! And she even sent me a booklet with felted bag patterns....thats something I dont have. I cant wait to try one!

I am looking forward to my next exchange.....its so much fun!

Crochet Away!

1 comment:

Mini said...

What a nice exchange package. Now you're all accessorized for the winter!

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