Monday, September 24, 2007

The Snowman Scarf

I finally finished my D's Snowman Scarf and I think he came out rather well. I measured him....he is about 5-6 inches wide and SIX FEET LONG! But my D is a tall girl so it wont matter. I hope she likes it.

No pattern for this one....just cast on with your Knifty Knitter and get going. I used the pink colored long loom and used all the this scarf is actually a flat tube. Took a lot of yarn.....probably cost me about $40 for everything but its thick and warm. :)

Crochet Away!


Beth N said...

Oh my goodness--that snowman scarf is darling! Your other scarf is beautiful too and I love the colors of your afghan. I have done four shrugs but only two fit--didn't explain clearly to my daughter how to do the measurements and it turns out she shorted it by about 3 inches! So--am still plugging away. Thanks for visiting.

Sônia Maria said...

Hi Sandy!
The snowman scarf is wonderful!!!
I am very happy with your visit.
You are a very special person. When you will be able... would make a drawing of only one square of crochet quilt for me? I did not understand as well as if square makes each. It has friends asking and I am not obtaining to answer. You help me?
Very Obliged.
He has a pretty end of week.
Sônia Maria

Lanee' said...

Thick and warm and SUPER cute!

Anonymous said...

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