Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I just finished my Thanksgiving Bread Basket. I learned a lot making this basket and when I make another one (for myself) I will do a couple things differently. But I think it came out rather nicely. You can find the pattern for this basket AND a Christmas basket HERE. Tomorrow, I will slice up the Cranberry Nut Bread I made and put the inside to give to the hostess.

Now I am going to go and try and finish up my Thanksgiving Turkey own creation. I will post a pic of that when I am finished, even though it will be after the holiday.

I hope everyone has a happy and blessed Thanksgiving. Be safe.

Crochet Away!


Mini said...

Happy Thanksgiving Sandy!

Sônia Maria said...

Hi, Sandy!

Very nice job!!!!
I love yours crochets.
Have a nice day.
Happy Thanksgiving!


Sônia Maria

naida said...

hi Sandy, hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving :)
Great basket!

Sandytoo said...

Thank you! I was told by my b/f's DIL that I should SELL those next year. We shall see :)

I did have a very nice Thanksgiving, thank you. Hope you all did too. On to Christmas now :)


Laura said...


I just love your projects, especially the snowflake afghan, the socks, and the accessory case! What book is that with the crochet socks pattern?

Beth N said...

Sandy, I have been so focused on those shrugs that I have not made my regular visits to blogs so I had lots to see here. That snowman is darling and I love that snowflake afghan--my favorite things to knit or crochet are afghans so I am itching to start one after the wedding is over. I think you could sell the snowman as well as the basket--everything you do is so beautiful. I tried to crochet some socks but didn't make it very far--those look great.

Sandytoo said...

Thank you, Laura :) The sock book is called "Crocheted Socks"...very original, LOL! You can take a look at it here at

And, Beth, thanks for stopping by!

Sorry I didnt get back to reply earlier....I was working as a nanny this past week and I was just TOO tired to sit at the computer :) I appreciate everyone's comments...thanks again!


Anonymous said...

That's very pretty. I really like the stitch and yarn combinations.
(Here from the CLF ring.)

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