Monday, November 12, 2007

Smiling Snowman

Thats the name of the pattern for this little guy. I just finished him a short time ago. Giving him to the neighbors downstairs....a retired couple. She likes my crocheting and my b/f suggested I make her something. So I saw this guy in the current issue of Hooked on Crochet and I HAD to make him. The only thing I didnt like about making him was the SEWING. I dont like hand sewing. :)
I did a couple things differently than the pattern dictated. For one, I used sport yarn with a strand of white crochet cotton for the hat instead of varigated worsted. I think it came out better. I also used a varigated, double strand crochet cotton and an esc for the scarf....again, I think it looked better. And I crocheted the cuff right on the mitten instead of making is separate and then sewing it on.

Its a little early for snowmen here but what the heck?

Crochet Away!


naida said...

Hi Sandy, the snowman is so cute! He looks like he wants to give a hug. Great job!

River Glorious said...

Oh, he's so cute!!!! Too cute! I usually don't really like snowmen, but this one is really cute. Good job! enid in PR

Sônia Maria said...

Hi, Sandy!
Your Smiling Smowman is so cute!
Hugs for you,
Sônia Maria said...

I love this snowman, I was wondering if you could share the pattern you used. Thanks

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