Friday, February 1, 2008

I'm Addicted!

Ok...its official. I am becoming sock obsessed. Here is my latest creation.

I started out with a pattern but for some reason, the directions werent working out so after frogging the darn thing a half dozen times, I gave up and just made a simple sock using sc and esc. Nothing fancy but I like it. I used sock yarn for this one....Crystal Palace Panda Cotton in "Roses". I LOVE the feel of it and its stretchy so it fits nice. I bought 2 other Panda Cotton varigateds so you will probably see more socks in future. But unless I hit the lottery, I wont be buying much more sock yarn....I just spent $150 for SIX pair of socks....OUCH. Not all the same brand of yarn, though. But I have splurged enough for now. :)

Crochet Away!


Crystal Palace Yarns said...


I'm so glad to hear you love our Panda Cotton for crocheted socks! would you like to write up a pattern for us?

We'd love to send you some more Panda Cotton to use to make a pattern for us!

Susan at Crystal Palace Yarns

Sônia Maria said...

Hi, my beloved Sandy friend!
I was very happy with your visit, your commentary and yours conjuncts for the health of my husband.
Very Obliged for your friendship, affection and attention.
Its stocking this pretty one!
I very liked it touch how much to the name the technique that I used to make rug. Already I added to the heading. Pass for and sees there.
If you it will be able always speaks to me.
I will be very been thankful.
As already he said you before, my English is small.
An aid as this is always very well coming.
Hugs with the affection of your Brazilian friend,
Sônia Maria

Olá, minha querida amiga Sandy!
Fiquei muito feliz com a sua visita, seu comentário e suas orações para a saúde do meu marido.
Muito Obrigada pela sua amizade, carinho e atenção.
Sua meia esta linda!
Gostei muito do toque quanto ao nome da técnica que utilizei para fazer o tapete. Já adicionei ao título. Passe por lá e veja.
Se você puder me fale sempre. Ficarei muito feliz.
Como já te disse antes, meu inglês é pequeno.
Uma ajuda como essa é sempre bem vinda.
Abraços com o carinho da sua amiga Brasileira,
Sônia Maria

laura said...

hi Sandy
gorgeous, innovative, wonderful!
i love your shaping and details. and that's my fave colorway for today [how can i choose only one?! aaack]

may i have permission to post your pics on our cpy blog socks&more and of course link back to you?
Laura, CPY sock guru

Beth N said...

This may be my favorite--love those colors! I saw a thread on ravelry about how much money was spent on yarn--I'm not sure that I want to know how much I've spent. Way to go on the pattern offer!

Laura said...

Very nice socks - I love the color!

Mini said...

Wow Sandy, you're really cranking out socks! So what is your secret for making 2 of the same thing? I still have only one lonely sock LOL!

Sandytoo said...

Hi, Mini! I guess the secret is I want to wear them...he,he. :)

Next time I go into my LYS, I am going to wear a pair of my socks...just to show them that people DO crochet socks and not just knit them. And that you CAN wear them with shoes :)


Anonymous said...

Hi, Sandy,
Wonderful socks!
I also love crocheted socks, but I’m afraid I won’t do it right (maybe now, that I’ve been "training" a lot...he he... who knows? ...).
I’ll try! :) I’m finishing a sweater for my three years old son (with a horse in it - !) and the I’ll try.
I’ll let you know.
Have a great week (here, in Brazil, we won’t work until Thursday, because of the Carnival party. So I’m at the beach, visiting my grandma again :D... I'll try to find more patterns in her international magazines from "old ages" hehe).

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