Monday, February 4, 2008

Sock Stash

I normally dont take photos of yarn but I wanted to show the types of yarn I am using for my socks. No, I dont have stock in the companies...he,he.

The Sockina is cotton and acrylic and it comes in 100 gm. skeins. It tells you on the side how much you need for different projects, but, of course, thats for knitting. It looks like it will make a nice sock. :) The Regia is an experiment. Its a wool blend with silk and acrylic. It comes in 50 gm. skeins and feels VERY soft and may just work for this wool allergic better, for the price. :) The Panda cotton is the same yarn as I used in my last post in different shades. Looking forward to trying a new pattern with them....with ALL of them, actually.

Nearly done the second sock of the pair....I will update photos soon.

Crochet Away!


LIZZY said...

Hello Sandy

I think your new yarn is lovely, I always think it's a pity to unravel this lovely random striped ball!!! My stash grows evermore because of this!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy!
Thanks for the help with my English (great grandmother! I never would think! :D).
I loved that you tool pictures of the yarns and wrote this post. I can only imagine what kind of yarns you have there! I believe you have a lot of different materials and thickness! It’s fascinating! Can you send me a website address so I can “investigate” the different types of yarns?
Have a great day!

naida said...

yummy yarn Sandy!

Mini said...

Watch the pendulum... you're feeling very sleepy... you will obey my command... send me the Regia silk color yarn now...

Sandytoo said...

LOL, Mimi! Sorry...I am wearing my Bat-anti-hypnosis glasses..he,he.. ;)

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