Sunday, February 17, 2008

A WIP Finally Finished :)

Here is a project I started last spring and finally finished yesterday. Its the Boteh Scarf from the Spring 2007 issue of Interweave Crochet. Its a very pretty pattern....easy but it does take time. I used an orphaned skein of LusterSheen in it on clearance about a year ago at Michael's. I only had 2 yards of yarn left over when I about cutting it close :) But its a perfect yarn for this project. Hangs SO nicely. Not sure who I am going to give it to, yet.

Unfortunately, the pattern is not available online but if you can get ahold of a copy of the issue, give it a try.

Crochet Away!


Laura said...

What a beautiful scarf!

Beth N said...

I love that color--very pretty. Looks like you got a good deal on some yarn too.

Mini said...

That came out sooo pretty!

naida said...

very pretty scarf Sandy!

Sandytoo said...

Thank you, ladies! That was one of the skinny scarves I started for the CAL last year but I finished other ones, instead. :) And I still have ANOTHER skinny scarf that I just finished that was for the CAL, too. Better late than never, I guess :)

Arlene said...

I just want to tell you that I really enjoy reading your Blog. I was just searching around for something different to make and I came across your site. Your work is beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.

Debora said...

Hi Sandy!
what a beautiful scarf! This week a friend sent to me a patter of a scarf that is made by the same way (I think). When I get home, I'll send to you.
Talk to you later.

Debora said...

Forgot to say. You maybe won't recognize me in my "simpson version" :-D.
There were many news on TV about "crazy/bad" people taking personal data (that we put on blogger profile) to hurt the families or open false accounts. The situation here in Brazil is very complicated.
So I removed my picture just in case...

Sandytoo said...

Arlene, thank you very much for visiting my blog and for the lovely comments on my work. I am glad you enjoy reading my posts. Hope to hear from you again sometime!


Sandytoo said...

Hi,Debora! Thanks for stopping by again. Looking forward to seeing that pattern :)

I certainly understand you pulling your photo. I am not worried because I dont have any info here that would help anyone, so I am not concerned. But your Simpsons avitar is cute :)

See ya again soon, I hope


Nélia said...

Olá Sandy!
O cachecol está lindo e original!
bom final de semana

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